Toddler Painting

This is my first August in practically my whole life that I haven’t been preparing for school to begin. Whether it be prepping as a student going back to school or being a teacher prepping to meet my kiddos. Some people have asked me… Krista, are you missing a classroom to decorate? I always respond as kindly as I can with.. “Heck no!” Don’t get me wrong. I loved teaching. I mean, it was really a wonderful yet exhausting thing. However, my heart isn’t in it anymore. My heart is into raising my little toddler. He is only 16 months, so I’m not too terribly far into the terrible twos. However, I have to say.. tantrums have begun in this household!

Even though I’m loving every second of spending time with my little guy, I still need things to do throughout the day! I can’t just sit around and let him play on the floor and stare at fun ideas that I could do someday on Pinterest. No, I need to do some type of activity a day to keep my creative juices flowing. That’s where I came up with this next idea… Toddler artwork! Seriously. Not those little scribbles here and there that are absolutely adorable to see, but you wouldn’t want to keep it on your wall forever. I mean, something that you could hang on your wall as a focal piece in your home.

Which brings me to… the process. So, I have to admit, this artwork took me a while to complete. My little guy can’t really hold onto a paint brush, and there was no way I was going to let him use paint in the house! Which meant, we had to wait until it wasn’t super duper hot outside to go and get our hands dirty. When I mean hands, I mean mine. Lucas chose to not only get his hands dirty, but his stomach, feet, face, the sidewalk, and bushes. Gotta love a wiggly one year old!

First thing I did was think of an idea of what I wanted Lucas to create. That’s what brought me to our guest room. The ONE room in the house that I can get as girly as I want without feeling guilty about it. I never knew how much I liked pink until I got married! Then I realized I wanted it EVERYWHERE. Needless to say, that wouldn’t fly completely. Mike doesn’t mind pink. However, it’s not his color of choice. So, I chose to keep the pink/coral, mint, aqua colors trapped into my guest room for me to do WHATEVER I want to it! This brought me to the idea of a bird piece to be the compliment to all my coral.

First, I got a piece of a canvas and chose the background color. Then, I had my little guy dip his hands into the paint and go to town on the canvas.

This is what he came up with! I just love all the imperfections, it gives  a beautiful textured background for the sky. Plus, I can see some little finger prints.. *swoon*


The next day, I found some bird clipart online that I fell in love with. I cut out the picture on cardstock to leave a huge hole.

…there you have it! A homemade stencil for the next piece of the art!

Toddler art stencil.png

So, my motivation ran out about halfway through this project.. It was around 109 degrees the week I was doing this project, so we took a couple days off to stay cool inside. After it cooled down again, I got down to business. I took some masking tape and taped one of the bird stencils in the location I wanted it to be. I taped on the whole outer edges of the stencil. I even rolled up some tape and put it into the middle of some pieces around the wings, so no paper would lift up.


After that, I found some white paint laying around and put some on a paper plate. You really don’t need much, because a little bit goes a LONG way.


Lucas was stripped down to a diaper again..and away we went! This time, I tried to keep his little white paint hands in the center of the stencil only. This meant, I took his hand and guided him around the area to paint.

I repeated this process each time I had him paint a bird on his artwork.

Bird stencil.jpgAgain, the texture of his little hands made it look SO cute! One thing I suggest, is not letting the outline of the ink from the stencil face the canvas. You can see the bird on the right has a little bit of black on the outline. That was totally by mistake.

20170808_112915.jpg…and here is the finished product! Isn’t it so precious? There are a few smudges of white paint here and there, but you know what? I love the little imperfections. It makes my little heart melt. I seriously plan on doing this with all my kiddos. It’s so easy!

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