Apple Art for Infant & Toddlers

As some of you know, I’m watching two little kiddos during the day with my son Lucas. This way he gets some socialization and I keep myself busy. Surprisingly, I love having three kiddos around all day. It keeps things… interesting. They sure keep me on my toes.

Every Friday we do a craft together and I try to keep it themed with what’s going on that week. So, you can probably guess what the theme was this last week… APPLES! Apple season has come and I have just started canning a whole slew of applesauce. Naturally, I decided we’d do an apple project together to get excited.

First off, this project is SUPER easy. I’m all for doing an activity quickly, cost effective, and ADORABLE. Well, guess what? I did ALL THREE with this activity. I had two little one year olds and a 5 month old hanging out during the project INSIDE, using acrylic paint, and all kiddos were fully clothed.

Guess how much paint I got on the floor? NONE.

Guess how much paint I got on the kiddos? NONE…okay, a little on their fingers for the leaf and stem.

Guess how much paint I got on everyone’s clothes? NONE.

First thing I did was print out an apple template from the internet. I found the clip art that I thought was fun.


Then, I prepped my apple. I cut it in half and made little handles on the curved side for easier holding. I could see a one year old getting paint ALL over their hands without this little handy handle on the apple.

Apple Art 3.png

Next, I chose the colors I wanted to be used for the apple.

After that, I had the kiddos pick which color they liked best. This pretty much consisted of asking, “Which color do you want?” and choosing the color they touch first.

Apple Art 5.png

The only thing I helped the kiddos do was dip the apple in the paint, which I placed on a paper plate. I helped them hold it at first, because it was a bit heavy, and then they went to town!

You can see that Lucas really enjoyed painting on the center of the apple. Which AMAZED me. I assumed we’d have apple stamp painting ALL over the outside of the apple clip art.



Apple Art 4One thing I didn’t mention was the stem and leaves. I just put a little paint on a plate and let them get some on their fingers. They moved the paint around in the general area of the stem and leaf. I really like how the leaf looks pretty realistic!

I took this same concept and made an apple that was baby friendly. I placed paint all around the apple (Baby chose the preferred color) and placed it inside a plastic bag. I used tape to keep in place on the floor and she moved the paint around while on her tummy.


Tummy time + Art craft = GENIUS.

Infant Apple

I hope you all enjoy this craft and try it out with your littles! Let me know how it goes!

-Mom Seeking a Village

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