Freezing Green Beans

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my husband? He brings home produce from work ALL summer… you know what that means? FREE FOOD!!

With being a stay at home mom NOW with less of an income, I am trying to have our produce stretch throughout the year. That way, we can cut our food bill in half by buying or eating things from our garden or in season goodies.

The newest vegetable I’ve gotten from home or for free is green beans.. I did a lot of research on what is the best way to prepare them. You know what I found out? You don’t have to blanch the green beans! I thought that was a necessity. NOPE. I just cut my veggie prep from an easy mode to SUPER easy mode.

*Mind. Blown.*

For my first go around, I chose to still blanch a batch of green beans. Then, I just froze another batch of green beans. I’ve decided to test the green beans on three things.

  1. How they hold up in the freezer.
  2. Their texture after being recooked.
  3. Taste.

Freezing Unblanched Green Beans

For the green beans that are not blanched, I just cut them into smaller pieces after rinsing.

20170806_122135.jpgThen, I placed them on a paper towel to dry. I did this so the wet green beans didn’t become a huge block of ice.

Lastly, I placed them in a plastic bag with a label and date.

Freezing Blanched Green Beans

20170806_122206.jpgFirst, I took a large pot, filled with water, and brought to a boil.

Next, I put the ublanched green beans that were rinsed and cut into the boiling water for 3-4 minutes.

Blanched Green Beans in Sink.jpg

After that, I quickly placed them in a strainer and ran cold cold water over them. This is very important! Otherwise your green beans will keep cooking!


I put those green beans on a paper towel to dry which was conveniently located on a cookie sheet. I took another paper towel and dabbed them to take off some of the excess water.

Unblanched Beans in Freezer.jpg

Then, I placed the cookie sheet into the freezer overnight.

Blanched Vs. Unblanced Green Beans

Blanched vs. Unblanched.jpgI put the beans side by side so you can see the difference in color. The blanched ones look so pretty!

Green Bean BagsFor both of the beans, I put them in a plastic bag.

Green Beans Side by Side.jpgThen, I took a straw (coffee straw was what I had handy) and sucked out all the air of the plastic bag. That’s how I got such a beautiful tight seal without using our vacuum sealer!

My Findings

I found there wasn’t much of a difference between the two types of green beans. I cook the green beans in a sauce pan with broth, potatoes, onion, and sometimes bacon. There was no difference in texture of taste for me.

If I do it again, I’m just going to skip the blanching step and go straight for freezing them! I’ll let you know if I have any extra next summer from this summer. Then, I might change my mind on which is better.

For now, I say take the easy road!

~Mom Seeking a Village


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