Toddler Hand and Foot Leaves

FALL IS HERE!! I was so stinking excited to start autumn projects! Every year, I make myself wait until October 1st. However, this year I plan on making a lot of fun decorations and need more time to prep them. I made a deal with myself that I could start creating on the first day of Fall. You can bet I started on Friday afternoon as SOON as the other kiddos left!

The first project I have is making hand and foot leaves using Lucas’s little ones.

*Heart melted on this one.*

Toddler Leaf paint.pngI went and grabbed all my dark leaf colors from my paint drawer, grabbed 6 pieces computer paper, and placed the paint side by side on a paper plate.

hand side by side.pngThen, I let Lucas put his right hand into the paint and he made four hand prints on a piece of computer paper. (I did this for every hand and foot. I made a total of 16 to fit perfectly across my slide glass door leading into the backyard.)

*It’s okay if the hands aren’t perfect. I actually like those ones the most!

mixed paint.pngTowards the end, I chose to mix all the colors together on the paper plate to see what would happen.

Side by side feet.png I kind of like how the feet turned out! The ones on the right are with mixed paint.

Cardstock cut into pieces.pngWhile the paint was drying on the paper, I went and grabbed some card stock. I took four 12×12 pieces of paper and cut them into four sections. I chose a nice cream color that would make the leaves POP versus choosing a dark autumn color.

toddler leafs with sharpie.pngAfter the paint dried on the paper, I grabbed a brown sharpie. I created stems on the hands and feet as if they were leaves.

Toddler Leafs cut out.pngNext, I took the hands and feet and cut them out of the paper. I was careful to leave extra space from the hands and feet so they really popped with the white paper. Plus, it was WAY easier than trying to perfectly cut out the hands and feet.

Toddler Leaf Cardstock Display.pngI glued the leaf pieces onto the 6×6 pieces of card stock. I didn’t want to mess with making them perfectly straight on the paper, so I slanted them to the side.

Then, I used my hole punch to create a hole at the 3 in. mark of my card stock.

Toddler Leaf BannerFinally, it was time to put a piece of string through the holes! I chose a twine, to make it look more outdoorsy.

Last, but not least… I hung the beautiful leaves on my curtain rod above my sliding door. I think this would look BEAUTIFUL next to a fireplace. Sadly, we don’t have one of those.

Toddler Leaf Display on Wall



~ Mom Seeking a Village





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  1. Christy B says:

    They look great! Fun project 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! It will be my yearly thing, I think. 🙂


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