31 Days of Halloween (2017 Edition)

As I sit here enjoying my Halloween Edition Oreos (even though, they don’t taste like the normal ones, I had to buy them because of the orange cream) while watching Full House on Hulu, I start to make my annual list of shows and movies to watch for the Halloween season. I remember back in the day (when I had cable) ABC Family would put on movies leading up to Hallowen and I LOVED IT! Now that I’m older and we’ve taken away cable from our budget, I create my own 31 days of Halloween.

The first year I attempted to make my own list, I used Google. While that is a great way to get easy answers, I grew bored with the Halloween movie choices. I sure do love to watch the movie Halloween or Silence with the Lambs, but every single year? No thank you. I am the type of person who needs to switch it up, because I can’t stand watching the same movie more than once.

Every year, I’ve decided to bring back an older scary movie that used to terrify me. This year, I chose to scatter the Scream series into my Halloween line up. Last year, I watched all the Halloween movies, and I learned that some of the sequels just weren’t that great. We shall see what the Scream movies bring!

Below, you can see that I mapped out the 31 days with a TV show or movie. I try to go from older shows to the most recent season. As a tradition, I watch Hocus Pocus every Halloween night while I’m handing out candy to trick or treaters, so that will always be on the 31st. That is, until Lucas begins to join the big kids and we go out to collect candy as well! As a Mom of a toddler, we shall see if I can watch all these shows while I’m cleaning something around the house. I chose to watch movies on the weekends and 20 minute TV shows on the weekdays, because I don’t know if I will have the energy to watch a movie on a weekday after a long day. #themomlifeisreal

I hope you enjoy my list and try it out for yourself! Let me know what you think, and if there’s any other movies I should add to my list.

October 1st- Full House, It’s Not My Job- Season 2, Episode 3

October 2nd- Sleepy Hollow

October 3rd- Home Improvement, Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble- Season 1, Episode 9

October 4th- 13 Ghosts

October 5th- Home Improvement, THe Haunting of Taylor House- Season 2, Episode 6

October 6th- Beetlejuice

October 7th- Scream 1

October 8th- Addams Family 1

October 9th- Full House, Divorce Court- Season 3, Episode 8

October 10th- The Exorcist (TV Show Friday on Fox & Hulu)

October 11th- Home Improvement, Crazy for You- Season 3, Episode 6

October 12th- Boo! A Madea Halloween

October 13th- Scream 2

October 14th- The Exorcist TV Show

October 15th- Addams Family Family Values

October 16th- Full House, It Was a Dark and Stormy Night- Season 7, Episode 1

October 17th- Charlie Brown, It’s the Great Pumpkin

October 18th- Home Improvement, Borland Ambition- Season 4, Episode 6

October 19th- Boy Meets World, An Then There Was Sean- Season 5, Episode 17

October 20th- Bubble Bubble, Toil, and Trouble (Mary Kate & Ashley Movie)

October 21st- Scream 3

October 22nd- Home Improvement, Let Them Eat Cake- Season 5, Episode 6

October 23rd- The Exorcist (TV Show)

October 24th- Home Improvement, I Was a Teenage Taylor- Season 6, Episode 7

October 25th- Scream 4

October 26th- Home Improvement, Bewitched- Season 8, Episode 6

October 27th- Under Wraps (Disney Original Movie)

October 28th- Halloweentown

October 29th- Halloweentown 2

October 30th- Halloweentown 3

October 31st-  Hocus Pocus

What movies would you add onto YOUR “31 Days of Halloween” list?

~Mom Seeking a Village

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