Toddler Q-Tip Tree

During our craft time on Friday, the kiddos and I used Q-Tips to create a beautiful tree with leaves changing colors. It was quite fun to do! I have to say my mom heart melting moment was when I told Lucas to come over to the paint and his face lit up. He started running towards the craft area, because he knew we’d be up to something fun!!

For this craft there were really only a few things needed to create this awesome Fall tree: Q-tips, autumn leaf colors, cardstock (I chose a cream color), paint brush, and a rubber band. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t find a rubber band ANYWHERE in the house, so I used a hair tie. I know we have them somewhere, because I constantly find them in the washing machine or dryer. Except, I always return them to Mike and tell him to quit leaving them in his pockets. He replys, “Sorry hon. You got it.” Yet, a few days later I find another one… Well, I needed them and they were no where to be found! I guess my requests were answered.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this fun and easy craft! The kiddos enjoyed it so much. One of the little boys I watch is a fresh one year old, and he had a bit of trouble pressing the Q-tips to the paper, and left a few smudges. However, his parents didn’t seem to mind and neither did I!


First thing I did was grab all the autumn colored acrylic paints that I had laying upstairs in the craft room.

Toddler Leaf paint

Next, I put the paint together on a paper plate. I made sure they were not spread too far apart. That way, when we dipped the Q-tips into the paint, it would have multiple colors on it.

Q-Tip tree 3.png

I simply used a dark brown paint and created a simple tree on a piece of paper. (It’s okay if your tree doesn’t look awesome. The Q-tip leaves will cover that right up.)

Q-tip tree 4

After that, I grabbed my Q-tips and used my hair tie to keep them together. I grabbed just a handful. It really doesn’t matter how many you use. I’d say no less than 5.

QTip Tree 1

I dipped the Q-tip into the paint so it had multiple colors on it.

Q-Tip Tree 2.png

Then, it was time for the real fun to start! We took the Q-tips and started stamping them onto the painted tree. There really is no wrong way to do this.

You can see, I decided it’d be fun to have Q-tip leaves on the ground in the grass. This happened all by mistake. One of the little boys I watch stamped some of the Q-tip leaves on to the middle of the page. So you know what? We went with it!

Qtip tree 6.jpg

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