Real Talk: The Struggle of Prepping to Visit Family out of Town

I’ve been a little M.I.A. lately.. You know why? Because we spent last weekend out of town visiting some of my family. It took us ALL week to prep and pack to leave for TWO days. You read correctly, only TWO days and it took us all week! This is just another thing that no one tells you about moving away from family.. It is ridiculous how much effort is put into leaving town. There are only three of us! Plus, it’s not just ME doing all the work. I mean, what in the world will it be like when I have more than one child? Pure chaos I’m sure until I figure out how to prep even earlier or lighten up…

I wanted to show you a break down of what Mike and I do to get the heck outta town in my household.

Side note, my extended family is quite the opposite of me. They aren’t the healthiest of eaters, lots of processed foods, junk food, salty foods, and sugary foods. Finding fresh fruit or vegetables is very rare when visiting their houses. With that being said, I usually have to prep and cook food for Lucas and myself to eat while gone. I am an extremely picky eater, and prefer humanely raised meat as well. My family are MEAT EATERS to the core and could careless about the humanely raised part. I am honestly the butt of all their jokes with my pickiness or “healthiness.”

Some of the things I need to prep might be extreme to some people. I’ve just learned that leaving for a couple days is a lot easier if I’m prepared and if our house isn’t a complete wreck when we come home. I will already have a slew of laundry, and I don’t want to spend my Sunday evening cleaning the whole house. So, I choose to plan ahead.

Monday Night:

  1. Make homemade crescent rolls to be used for a crescent sandwich Friday night.
  2. Do nightly cleaning chores.
  3. Do 1 weekend cleaning chore since we’ll be out of town.
  4. Wash and fold one load of laundry.

Tuesday Night:

  1. Make spinach pancakes for Lucas to be eaten over the weekend in case he refuses to eat anything else.
  2. Do nightly cleaning chores.
  3. Wash and fold one load of laundry.
  4. Do 1 weekend cleaning chore since we’ll be out of town.

Wednesday Night:

  1. Make peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread as requested from family.
  2. Make dessert for Saturday night dinner as requested from family.
  3. Do nightly cleaning chores.
  4. Do 1 weekend cleaning chore.
  5. Wash and fold one load of laundry.

Thursday Night:

  1. Make dough for Artisan bread to be served with Saturday night dinner.
  2. Do 1 weekend cleaning chore.
  3. Do nightly cleaning chores.
  4. Wash and fold one load of laundry.
  5. Pack: blankets, DIY craft supplies (as requested by family), Lucas’s car toys/activities, highchair, Pack N’ Play, Baby gate/play yard (nothing is baby proofed at their houses and it’s just easier to put him in a cage versus chasing him around the house), Lucas’s nightly books, outdoor jackets, diapers, and wipes.

Friday Night:

  1. Finish baking artisan bread.
  2. Assemble and cook crescent sandwich for car ride.
  3. Cut and prep all fruit for Lucas and I.
  4. Pack snacks for the 4 hour drive.
  5. Make scrambled eggs for Saturday morning for Lucas to easily eat in the car if needed.
  6. Prep water and milk for the drive.
  7. Finish packing Lucas’s clothes and toys.
  8. Pack Mike and I’s bag.
  9. Do last minute mopping and dusting of the house.
  10. Pack Lucas’s bag into the car.
  11. Leave out Lucas’s clothes for the morning.
  12. Pack up the car of any other supplies
  13. Pack up the food in the cooler to leave.
  14. Make list of items that we hope to not forget on Saturday morning.

Saturday Morning:

We planned to leave as soon as Lucas woke up in the morning. This happens to usually be 6:30. Which means, I am up my 5:00 to get ready, do last minute packing, eat breakfast, and be ready to get Lucas ready to go.

5:00- Wake up and get ready

5:45- Lucas wakes up to Mike making noise in the kitchen below his room.

6:00- Lucas eats breakfast.

6:15- I eat breakfast (later than expected)

6:25- Load up any last minute things including: Lucas’s blankie, Jumbo his stuffed onion, toothbrushes, milk sippy cups, water sippy cups, and food that was prepped this week.

6:30- Leave more exhausted than ever, because I was up late Friday night and up early Saturday morning.

Some may say… Krista, this is EXTREME. Others may be able to relate. Either way, this is my life. It is absolutely exhausting to head out to another location to visit family.  It causes me complete anxiety. My relationship with my family isn’t the best, because of their unhealthiness. I try to plan for every scenario I can. But, I have also learned that you CAN’T plan for every scenario. You have to roll with it sometimes.

Lucas absolutely hates the car. I kid you not. He SCREAMS the majority of the drive. With this constant screaming, we don’t leave to visit family very often. Which leaves us with having to adjust him to a new location for bed when we arrive…

The schedule and list above is EXACTLY why we don’t leave as much as my family would like. When my family or my in-laws ask, “When are you coming back?” I just want to respond and explain to them all the work it takes just to come for THIS trip.

Although it’s exhausting and not the best time for me, it is all for Lucas. He enjoys playing with his cousins and loves the attention our families give. I guess for now, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing…

~Mom Seeking a Village

What is something you have to do to prepare for a trip? How do you cope with all the craziness of traveling? Tell me in the comments below!



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