Toddler & Infant Hand Spider

The countdown continues for Halloween… I have been quite busy trying to figure out how to use my Cricut cutter so I could make Halloween decorations all over the house.I’m not going to lie. It is a love hate relationship right now. Patience isn’t my strong suit nor is change/upgrading new things. My motto is… if it isn’t broke, why replace it?? Well, Mike is the OPPOSITE. He convinced me to get the Cricut cutter. It’ll be fun, he said. You’ll love it, he said. It’ll save you so much time, he said. Guess what? It has done NONE of those things thus far. I have gone through more paper trying to figure out the darn thing… Right now, I’m all for taking it back. However, I also know that learning something new isn’t always my favorite thing to do. So, I better give it a little more time..

With all the stress of learning a new thing, I needed to get back to basics and just do some good ole fun crafts with the kiddos! Doing something simple and easy definitely calms my nerves when stressed. Yes, I said stressed. That stinking Cricut cutter is STRESSING me out!

Anyways…hand spider! If you have 15 minutes or so, this craft is definitely the thing to do!

You really only need a marker (I chose a silver paint pen, but you can use a black), construction paper, googly eyes, and black paint. That’s it!

First thing you’ll do is create a web. This may look intimidating, but it’s really SUPER simple.

I took a piece of paper, and put a dot on the paper. You can put it anywhere on the paper. It can be in the middle, off to the side, ANYWHERE!

spiderweb 6_1.png

Then you draw lines going from the dot to the end of the paper. The more lines you draw, the more work you’ll have later. So, I chose to draw 4 or 5 lines.

Spiderweb 2.png

Next, you create a perpendicular line going from one line to the other. The picture below will make more sense than my directions. Sorry!

Spiderweb 3.png

I just kept doing the perpendicular lines multiple times until I felt like stopping. Then, you have a web!


Now comes the fun messy part for the kiddos. I put some black paint on a paper plate. Lucas dipped one hand into the paint and put it flat onto the construction paper. Then, I rotated the paper so he could lay his hand flat again so that his palm print was one top of each other.

Spiderweb 5.png

That’s it! After the paint dried, I added googly eyes to the spider to make it look fun. I even tried this with the baby I watch during the day, and she did great! Hers was absolutely adorable.

spiderweb 6.pngIf you give it a try, let me know how it goes for you!

~Mom Seeking a Village

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