Felt Pumpkin

I have been trying so hard to figure out how to complete my latest project… a felt pumpkin. I created this super cute pumpkin made from felt. Problem was… I couldn’t figure out how to keep it attached to the wall! I tried the thick Velcro command strips, poster tape, painters tape, packing tape, and nothing was working! Finally, I just took regular command strips (the non Velcro kind that hold lighter things) and they worked!

It was quite easy to create a felt pumpkin. I just took a sharpie and drew a pumpkin. Honestly, if I did it again I would fold the felt in half and create half a pumpkin and then it would be more symmetrical. Although, meh I like the imperfections of it!

Felt Pumpkin.jpg

So, I’ve mentioned that I have a love hate relationship with my Cricut cutter. Right now, I love it. Last week, I hated it. I found out to be able to cut felt successfully you need Heat “N Bond.

Look what I figured out! I made little pumpkin facial expressions. Then, I put felt on the back of the facial expressions to get it to stick to the felt.

Felt Pumpkin 6.jpg


Now the little kiddos that I watch during the day can learn facial expressions, putting pieces together, and learning to take pieces off the felt. SO many new things to learn!

Felt Pumpkin 4

I think Lucas approves!

Felt Pumpkin 7

Felt Pumpkin 8


~Mom Seeking a Village

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