Refried Beans– NO Lard or Crisco!

I was motivated this week to make my Crock-Pot refried beans. Why you ask? One of the kiddos I watch had ground bean and refried beans for lunch. It smelt so delicious, but I’m pretty sure his was from a can. There is nothing wrong with that, because I’ve eaten it plenty of times… However, I so desperately wanted some and didn’t want to go to the store. So you know what? I took all the ingredients I have laying around the house and threw it in a Crock-Pot!

I made this many years ago when I first got married to Mike. I was determined to learn how to make authentic Mexican food for him. I tried so hard to make it taste similar to my mother in-law (not exact, because Mom’s food will never compare). You know what I learned? I HATE authentic Mexican food.. A lot of things use lard to give it that delicious taste. Which is great and all, but I’ve gotten sick from it too many times and it doesn’t make the house smell pleasant. I can’t bring myself to use it in my cooking now.

Anyways.. all I did was grab:

  • 3 cups of dried Pinto beans
  • 2 cans of Swanson chicken broth (4 cups total)
  • an onion
  • water
  • garlic salt
  • garlic powder
  • 1/4 + 1/8 olive oil

That’s it!

First thing I did was add my beans. Then, I added the chicken broth. Next, filled my Crock-Pot 3/4 way full with water (roughly 6 cups were added). After that, I sprinkled about half tablespoon of garlic salt over the top and olive oil. I added a half a tablespoon of garlic powder as well for good measure.

refried beans 2

Here comes the easiest part… I took an onion, cut it in half, put it in the Crock-Pot and BOOM. That’s it!

Refried beans 3.jpg

I let the beans cook for about 6 hours until they were done. I stirred occasionally and checked on them to make sure there was still enough water. I had PLENTY leftover.

I waited a while until the last step, because I wanted it to cool. The first time I made this, I just mixed it hot. Your choice!

I separated the beans/onion from the liquids. Took my hand mixer and started mashing the beans (like you would for mashed potatoes). I then slowly added a little bit of water at a time until I got the consistency I was looking for.

Oh my goodness y’all… I LOVE IT! I froze 2 Ziploc bags with 3 cups of beans each. Then, I left the remainder in my fridge for nachos tonight for dinner. Mike is definitely a fan of these beans and his mom makes the REAL DEAL. Yet, he enjoys mine as well because it’s still tasty as can be!
I hope you like it as much as I do. Let me know what you think of this recipe!

~Mom Seeking a Village

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