Toddler Acorn Hands

Well, I’ve been missing in action for a week. The craziness of Mike’s traveling has gotten the best of me. Going on week two of business trips without him here to help out. I’ve gotta say… I’m pretty exhausted.

However, not as exhausted as last fall during travel season. I was pumping/breastfeeding Lucas, working full time as an Elementary Teacher, preparing report cards for conferences, and trying to balance home life. This year, I’m feeling the groove and my little guy isn’t relying solely on me for nutrition! It’s so much easier to grab some Cheerios out of the pantry versus producing milk for him!

Blessed beyond belief over here!

I’m not going to lie. Last week was Halloween, and we did a little toddler Halloween party all day Tuesday. By Friday, my sole purpose was just to keep everyone alive, needs met, diapers cleaned, food in their bellies, and a countdown to nap time. So, a Friday craft was OUT of the question!

Now this week… I found this precious idea on Pinterest, and I just HAD to share how they turned out!

*Drum roll please…*

We made hand acorns! Aren’t these absolutely precious?!

acorn4So… I measured out Lucas’s piece of paper wrong. I didn’t realize his hands were so big! So, his acorn hands are in different directions. Then, I added a ground to it. I actually kind of like it!


Oh my goodness, this project was very easy to do. The hardest part I would say was painting the brown part of the acorn. Why you ask? I was Ms. Lazy Pants and didn’t want to go upstairs to grab a small paint brush and was stuck with a chunky one I used to paint everyone’s hands. Ah well, I like them!

What kind of projects do you have prepared for the month of November? Share with me in the comments below!

~Mom Seeking a Village

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