Toddler Snowflake Art

With the kiddos first week back to my house after winter break, I wanted to do something snow related.

I wasn’t quite sure how much the other toddler and baby had changed in the last two weeks, so I was trying to think or find something simple to create.

Then, I found an idea on Pinterest about using tape to make a snowflake.


So, I got going on creating a snowflake using painters tape on a paper plate.

Snowflake toddler art 1

Then, I let the boys used a paint brush and being painting! For the 9 month old, I stripped her down and let her get dirty with paint on her fingers.

snowflake toddler art 2

I let it dry for a few minutes, peeled the tape, punched a hole in the top, and put blue ribbon through the top.

snowflake toddler art 3

Here ya go.. simple AND easy snowflake art!


~Mom Seeking a Village

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