Meet Krista

Hi!!! My name is Krista. I am an elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom. I like to say that I am on a “living spree,” because I am switching up careers in life and focusing on things that I love to do!

I’m taking a huge leap and ending my teaching career after only 5 years to stay at home with my little guy. This has always been a dream of mine, but I am finally making it a reality. Not without some compromise financially and taking in a couple kiddos so I can spend my days with my son as well. This is the first time in my life that I’m doing things without others judgements and biases leading the way for MY life. It feels so liberating!

On this page, you’ll see only real-ness. Too often in life, I’ve found myself trying to be the “perfect” daughter, wife, mother, teacher, friend, etc. It is EXHAUSTING! By no means is that possible and I’m believing that more each day. While visiting my blog, you’ll see lots of fun projects to keep myself entertained and satisfied in this new chapter of my life. Yay for living sprees!

So many new changes in my life and priorities that I’m now in search of a village. Being a new mom is hard. Being a new mom, four hours away from family, three hours from college buddies, and a not so healthy/supportive family is TOUGH. Not only this, but I’m in my mid-twenties with only teacher friends that don’t understand why I’d want to stay home in the first place. I seek people who enjoy what I do, accept the hard times, celebrate the exciting milestones of motherhood, and don’t expect me to paint a picture of perfection.

Here’s to seeking my village… I hope you’ll come along for the journey with me!